Stand Up For Israel

Now, more than ever, you need to speak up for Israel. Silence is not an option. Every friend of Israel should speak up and not be afraid to do so. Yes, I know it’s not popular to stand up for Israel, especially in these times. But so what? All that matters is that you, in your heart, know that you are right and on the right side of history. Israel is under attack and if you are a FRIEND of Israel then you need to stand up, and SPEAK up, for your FRIEND! Write articles/letters to the newspapers, write on your blog, defend Israel on social media, talk to people around you.



Over 13 000 rockets have been fired from Gaza at Israel since 2001, an average of 3 attacks every day. These attacks profoundly disrupt daily life and causes great trauma. It is simply unacceptable to live a life where you are just waiting for the next rocket to be fired at your city or community. It’s an unbearable situation. Imagine what any western country would do if the citizens of their country were under constant rocket fire.

Israel goes to great lengths to avoid harming civilians, while Hamas does everything in its power to put their own people in harm’s way. Hamas encourages civilians to act as human shields and to not leave a specific area or building, even when the Israeli army has warned the civilians to leave. Hamas terrorists also place rocket launchers and store weapons in residential areas.


Some people like to “compare” casualties on both sides, but this does not give a true picture of the situation on the ground. The reason why no Israelis have been killed by rockets from Gaza in this latest round of “fighting” is not because they are not dangerous. These rockets can do great damage when they hit a building. They can destroy entire homes and dozens of Israelis have been killed by the rockets from Gaza since 2001.

The main reason that they do little harm is because of the missile defense system that Israel has. It shoots down rockets fired from Gaza, rockets that are heading for populated areas in Israel. But sometimes the Iron Dome misses the rockets, so it’s not 100 % accurate all the time. And a lot of lives are saved on the Israeli side because of the alarm systems that alert the citizens of incoming rockets and also because most Israelis have access to bomb shelters.


From “I’m with Bibi Netanyahu” Facebook page