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This essay is not intended to address a crisis that may be occurring on the border at this time. I make no comment on that. Nor does it discuss the issues around war, such as how to deal with citizens of enemy nations. This essay is not a policy proposal, it does not set out, for example, when an immigrant can become a citizen and attain the vote or what to do to immigrants who commit crimes. It has but one purpose: to enumerate and respond to the common arguments used in favor of an impenetrable and guarded border fence to shut down immigration.

Suppose you were born in a country that outlawed normal life. North Korea comes to mind. Venezuela is a slightly less extreme example, and there are many other examples which are slightly less bad than that socialist worker’s paradise.

I phrase it in these terms, because…

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Stand Up For Israel

Now, more than ever, you need to speak up for Israel. Silence is not an option. Every friend of Israel should speak up and not be afraid to do so. Yes, I know it’s not popular to stand up for Israel, especially in these times. But so what? All that matters is that you, in your heart, know that you are right and on the right side of history. Israel is under attack and if you are a FRIEND of Israel then you need to stand up, and SPEAK up, for your FRIEND! Write articles/letters to the newspapers, write on your blog, defend Israel on social media, talk to people around you.



Over 13 000 rockets have been fired from Gaza at Israel since 2001, an average of 3 attacks every day. These attacks profoundly disrupt daily life and causes great trauma. It is simply unacceptable to live a life where you are just waiting for the next rocket to be fired at your city or community. It’s an unbearable situation. Imagine what any western country would do if the citizens of their country were under constant rocket fire.

Israel goes to great lengths to avoid harming civilians, while Hamas does everything in its power to put their own people in harm’s way. Hamas encourages civilians to act as human shields and to not leave a specific area or building, even when the Israeli army has warned the civilians to leave. Hamas terrorists also place rocket launchers and store weapons in residential areas.


Some people like to “compare” casualties on both sides, but this does not give a true picture of the situation on the ground. The reason why no Israelis have been killed by rockets from Gaza in this latest round of “fighting” is not because they are not dangerous. These rockets can do great damage when they hit a building. They can destroy entire homes and dozens of Israelis have been killed by the rockets from Gaza since 2001.

The main reason that they do little harm is because of the missile defense system that Israel has. It shoots down rockets fired from Gaza, rockets that are heading for populated areas in Israel. But sometimes the Iron Dome misses the rockets, so it’s not 100 % accurate all the time. And a lot of lives are saved on the Israeli side because of the alarm systems that alert the citizens of incoming rockets and also because most Israelis have access to bomb shelters.


From “I’m with Bibi Netanyahu” Facebook page

The Death of Goodwill

Keith Weiner Economics

This is the first piece in what I intend to be a series, on the theme I think of as the Death of Goodwill. There was (and still is) a huge difference between the attitudes of people in America and the attitudes of those in third-world countries. I use the word goodwill for this difference. For centuries, Americans have been helping one another raise barns, live through hard times, and get up when they fall in the street. Unfortunately, goodwill is being strangled. There are numerous mechanisms for this, though all have bad governance at the core.

With the death of goodwill will come the collapse of civil society, and its twin sister law and order.

Too many ugly incidents are occurring in ordinary law enforcement. They are not random. There is a pattern to them. America is sliding down a long, slippery slope. The end of that trip is a third-world dictatorship…

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Haraldr hárfagri (Harald the Hairfair), King of Norway c. 872 – c. 930

Sigurðr hrísi Haraldsson, Norwegian Prince

Hálfdan Sigurðarson, Norwegian Prince

Sigurðr sýr Hálfdanarson, Norwegian Prince

Haraldr harðráði (Harald the Ruthless), King of Norway 1047 – 1066, d. At Hastings

Ólafr kyrri (Olaf the Quiet), King of Norway 1066 – 1093

Magnús berfættr (Magnus the Barefoot), King of Norway 1093 – 1103

Þora Magnúsd. (Ill.) m. Loptr of Oddi (son of Sæmunder the Sage, author of Edda)

Jón Loptsson, chieftain at Oddi, primus inter pares among Icelandic chieftains, d. 1197, (fosterfather of the famous historian-writer Snorri Sturluson of Reykholt

Sólveig Jónsd. (sister of bishop Páll), m. Guðmundur gríss Ámundas. Of Þingvellir

Þorlákur Guðmundsson (father of bishop Árni)

Ásbjörg Þorláksdóttir, m. Helgi Loptsson of Skál, later a nun in Kirkjubær

Guðný Helgadóttir, m. Sir Þorður Hallsson, knight, of Möðruveilir, Eyjafiord

Loptur Þórðarson, of Möðruveilir, Eyjafiord d. 1355

Ingiríður Loptsdóttir, m. Eiríkur the Rich Magnússon of Svalbarð

Málmfríður Eiríksdóttir, m. Bjórn Brynjólfsson of Akrar in Blönduhlíð

Sigríður Björnsd., m. Þorsteinn Ólafsson, legifer d. 1481

Akra-Kristín, m. Helgi Guðnason, legifer, of Akrar in Blönduhlíð

Ingveldur Helgad., m. Rt. Hon. Þorleifur Björnsson, regent of Iceland, d.c. 1486

Kristín Þorleifsdóttir, m. Eiríkur Halldórsson of Álftanes

Guðrún Eiríksdóttir, m. Þorgils Jónsson

Jón Þorgilsson, farmer of Brimilsvellir (Snæfeilsnes peninsula, W. Iceland)

Guðmundur Jónsson, of Brimilsvellir, brother of Sheriff Þorgils d. 1684

Sigurður Guðmundsson

Berglót Sigurðard., d. 1762, m. Páll Helgason, farmer of Hnúkur, district chief

Helgi Pálsson, b.c. 1725, d. 1785, farmer of Rauðseyjar Islands, W. Iceland

Gunnar Helgason, b. 1766, farmer of Bjarneyjar & Skáleyjar Islands

Guðrún Gunnarsdóttir, b. 1793, m. Einar Einarsson of Svínanes

Helga Einarsdóttir, m. Magnús Magnússon of Svínanes & Raknidalur

Magnús Magnússonb. 1859 d. 1942, fishmonger of Hnausar, Manitoba

Magnús Magnússonb. 1896 d. 1940

Olof Magnusson, b.1928 m. James Wood of Winnipeg, Manitoba

Gordon Wood, b. 1960 m. Louise Lamontagne

“Mental Illness” is not the same thing as “Brain Disease”

Let’s begin with an analogy. We do not blame the person with Parkinson’s Disease for knocking over your tea set because his muscles jerked at the wrong time. We do, however, blame him if he purposefully picked it up and threw it.

The first instance is biological, his body created the action without his thought. The second is behavioural, he created the action with thought. (On a side note, if he can control his disease, we do hold him accountable for doing so because that part of the equation is behavioural).

The brain is a physical entity that can be damaged and/or diseased.
“Mental” or “mind”, though, is a concept denoting the processes of the brain, and, while these processes may be rational or irrational, we must not lose sight of the fact that concepts, as such,  cannot be physically damaged/diseased, only metaphorically damaged/diseased.

To compare the behaviour of a willfully evil act such as child abuse or paedophilia to the actions of someone who is physically disabled is an extreme act of evasion.

To make the claim that these evil acts are committed by those who don’t know right from wrong ignores the fact that, in almost all cases of child abuse and/or paedophilia, these acts are committed SECRETLY, i. e. they are hidden from public view as well as the perpetrator can hide them.

Keep this in mind when thinking about mental illness. One cannot cure one’s Parkinson’s just by talking to someone.

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